Writing a novel is one of the greatest accomplishments you can make. After your "holy moly I actually made this happen" happy dance, however, there's still work to do. That's where I come in! Having a fresh set of eyes to objectively review and edit your manuscript on a micro and macro level is essential to your success. 

Whether you're submitting your work to an agent, a contest, a literary publication, or a publishing house, you need a well-developed, polished manuscript. Taking the time to have a qualified editor go over your work boosts your chances for a successful submittal. I'm here to help you ask the questions and make the corrections necessary for agents and editors to feel wowed the first time they read your work. 

As a candidate for a MA in English and Creative writing, as well as being an associate editor for an indie publisher, I have a deep knowledge of both the creative and business sides of writing and publishing. My goal is to help you get your message across to readers in the most impactful way possible. Together, we will change lives through your written word. 


I offer three different editing services which provide authors with various levels of actionable, solution-oriented feedback. Each of these services will help you transform your work into the best version possible and boost your chances for a successful query. Learn more about each below! 

Reader's Report: $50/10,000 words

MS Edits: $80/10,000 words


A comprehensive read through of your entire manuscript with solution-oriented feedback in the form of a reader's report. The report will outline my thoughts on plot, setting, point of view, character, tone, and theme. I'll include examples from the text so you can make revisions in a structured and constructive way. 

Not quite finished with your MS but want feedback on your work so far? I'll provide feedback on whatever you have so far (under 50% of total MS word count) through a combination of line edits, margin notes, and an overall synopsis which includes all the elements of a reader's report. See if you're on the right track and discuss where you can take the book next.

A full macro and micro edit of your completed work with extensive notes and actionable revisions, including an edit of your book's synopsis for submittals and queries. I will dive into each layer of your novel from writing style and tone to major storytelling elements and even grammar and syntax to offer you the most in depth feedback on your manuscript.

Questions or ready to work together?

Tell me about your project! Give me a synopsis of your work, choose a service (or several!), and disclose the word count. 

Please allow 48 hours for a response.


After many years of lurking behind bookshelves and running headlong into passersby because my nose was in a book, I decided to make my passion for the written word my job. 

I have well-rounded editorial and writing skill sets to bring to our work together, as well as experience in branding, marketing, and social media. I earned my BA in Communication Arts from Salisbury University where I worked with the local news station to report on, write, and edit web stories. Post-graduation, I took on a role as Marketing & Brand Strategist with Corporate Brokers, where I ran everything communications related. Two years later, I've become well-versed in all things marketing, branding, and social.

I began my first editorial internship with TouchPoint Press while pursuing my MA in English and Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University. After a few wonderful months (and heaps of reader's reports), I was promoted to Associate Editor. My time working with this outstanding indie press has honed my fiction, non-fiction, and children's book editing capabilities. 

I believe in changing lives through literature. Reading shows us who we are, who we can be, and how we can get there. Being a part of impacting others through books as an editor has profound meaning for me. My goal is to help you, as an author, change someone's life with your words.